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Dear Valued Customer,

The name "Setko" may sound familiar if you have been in the fastener industry for a period of time.   Setko originally appeared in our industry over 80 years ago.  My grandfather, Calvin Brown began his family owned business like many of us do... in his basement.  Grandpa built Setko literally from the dirt floor up!  Setko thrived throughout WWII and continued to prosper under his leadership for years.

Grandfather's ingenuity developed many of the original set screw styles found in our current products.  His patents revolutionized the industry and are still used in everyday applications. At a time when family owned businesses are sadly disappearing, Setko stands firm in its belief of strong customer service and proud relationships as a family in our industry.  Our customers want more than just cheap parts.  They want relationships they can count on, quality they can trust, and a personal commitment to their company no matter how small or large they are.

Today, Setko Fasteners & Distribution continues my grandfathers legacy by opening it's doors to all companies looking to expand and develop strong customer/supplier relationships.   Whether it's domestically manufactured or imported, Setko Fasteners & Distribution will provide the finished product and save you valuable time and money! 


Heather Walker - CEO
Setko Fasteners & Distribution LLC
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